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  • Wednesday Night Service Matthew 26- 8/24/2016 Part 4

  • Wednesday Night Service Matthew 26- 8/17/2016 Part 3

  • Wednesday Night Service Matthew 26- 8/10/2016 Part 2

  • Wednesday Night Service Matthew 26- 8/3/2016 Part 1

  • Faith: One Size Fits All

    God’s plan of salvation is marvelous. It glorifies God because “salvation is of the Lord” (Jonah 2:9) and not of man. From the first step of believing on Christ to the last good work before death, salvation is all of God’s grace. Ephesians 2:8-10 outlines God’s plan of salvation nicely: grace, faith and good works…. Read more

  • Feeding Sheep or Amusing Goats?

    Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834-1892) An evil is in the professed camp of the Lord, so gross in its impudence, that the most shortsighted can hardly fail to notice it during the past few years. It has developed at an abnormal rate, even for evil. It has worked like leaven until the whole lump ferments. The… Read more

  • You Can’t Have Jesus Without His Words

    Today, there are people who profess to be Christian who don’t want to go to a church that emphasizes doctrine.  They just want to love Jesus and get along with everyone and not have debates and arguments over doctrine.  The desire to love Jesus is commendable and proper.  The reluctance to learn doctrine is guaranteed… Read more

  • Understanding Adversity

    We  live in a world where pain, suffering, sorrow, disappointment and death are commonplace and a permanent feature of the human experience until Jesus Christ returns.  It is good for God’s children to understand why God brings adversity into our lives and how to respond to it in a way that glorifies God. The Bible… Read more

  • The Kind of Person God Looks For

    Did you know that God is looking all over the earth for a certain kind of person with a certain disposition?  2 Chronicles 16:9 says, “The eyes of the Lord run to and for throughout the whole earth to show Himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect (dedicated) toward Him.”   What… Read more

  • Led By The Spirit

    There is a growing interest these days in spiritual matters.  People feel “spiritual” when they go to church, walk in the woods, meditate on the creation or have some personally moving experience.  But  in the Bible, God defines the spirituality that is objective and pleasing to Him.  It is the spirituality that results from being… Read more

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