Trials Are God’s Gifts

One of the defects in human beings caused by the entrance of sin into the World is the inability to see things from God’s perspective.  We are born desiring pleasure, gratification, praise, ease, and our own way.  God’s plan for each of His children is designed to strip away all selfish thinking and behavior and direct each life to Him and His ways.  God, does this through Biblical truth (Jn 17:17) and through trials  (James 1:2-7).  He uses trials as a way of showing His love for His children (Heb 12:6).

When the Lord saves a person by His grace, He begins to work in that person to make Him more and more like Jesus Christ; that’s God’s great goal and eternal purpose for each of His people (Rom 8:29).  Unless we see these trials from God’s perspective, we will be angry, frustrated, depresssed, bitter or in some way defeated in our Christian sojourn.  God intends each trial to increase our faith, patience and trust in Him.  “Consider it all joy when you fall into various trials.” (James 1:2).  In each trial, God is chipping away our old self with His chisel of love and conforming us more and more into the new creations we are to be in Christ Jesus.  Ouch!  That chisel hurts when my pride is crushed, my money is gone, my health is bad, and my hopes and dreams are shattered!  The author of Hebrews exorts us to, “Look unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of  faith… .” (Heb 12:2).  Jesus had joy in His great trial of dying for us.  Job’s faith grew stronger through a serious trial.  Only after God took all his children, his wealth and his health  was Job able to see things from God’s perspective and draw closer to God.

God loves His children so much that He will not let them wallow in their sin or stagnate in their faith.  Trials and tests will keep coming to move us closer to the Lord.  God might send a trial to chasten us for some sin or He might send a trial to prevent us from sinning.  Sometimes, God tries us simply to draw us closer to Him.  Whatever the circumstance you find yourself in, God is sovereignly arranging it for your good (Rom 8:28).  Nothing can come into your life by accident or without God’s knowledge and divine stamp of approval.  Even heart breaking tragedies like terminal diseases and the loss of loved ones are ordained by God for our good.

Read Hebrews chapter 12.  You might be in a great struggle with some trial now.  Take time to see it from God’s view and He will give you grace to thank Him for the gift of the trial and the joy of knowing His deep deep love for you.  Run the race with your eyes fixed on Jesus.

Pastor Dennis

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